Abby Roach


Abby the Spoon Lady is one of very few professional spoon players in the United States, and has been a professional street performer for over a decade.  She hosts two radio shows on WPVM  103.7 fm, The Voice of Asheville, a community-based non-profit radio station where she is also upon of the Board of Directors. One show is called Spoonful of Tunes, and the show focuses on old-time and folk music, and discusses regional folk history and folklore. The second show is Busker Broadcast, a live field-recording series on our street performing culture.  Abby studied American folk percussion, music, and folklore while traveling the United States by foot and rail.  Now an internationally known street performer, she plays with some of Asheville’s finest local and visiting performers at festivals, within venues, and right on the sidewalk.  Along with finding her within various horror and short films, you can watch interviews with Abby in such documentaries as Nashville 2012, and also Buskin’ Blues, about the world-class street performing scene in Asheville, NC.




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Doc Docherty


Doc Docherty was born in Lincolnton, NC. He started busking around 9 yrs ago, and has been performing magic for nearly 30.  Doc brings a lot of non-performing experience to the collective.  As a business owner, author, and past radio personality, his professional experience will be a asset to the collective. He also is very willing to work with the city to make Asheville the best possible place to busk.



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Summer Zachary


“My name is Summer Zachary and I’ve been busking with my Tarot Cards from March until October since 2014. I’ve also been organizing with the Asheville Busker’s Collective since September 2014.  Tarot Readings are my life passion and I have been working with them for almost 16 years. My Tarot Card business is called The Nourished Roots Intuitive Healing Services. I also host a radio show called “Spirituality and Stuff” on 103.7 FM WPVM.  On my show, I talk about Tarot and other spiritual topics and also interview alternative healing experts from a number of different fields.  I offer private Tarot Readings and also read Tarot at special events and parties. You can learn more about me and my many other intuitive healing offerings at http://www.nourishedrootshealing.com. “



  Lori 2

Lori Kane


“I have owned and operated several small businesses since 1990.  Currently I own The Bottom Line which has been in business since 1998.  The Bottom Line does bookkeeping, payroll and taxes for individuals and small businesses in the western North Carolina area.  I work with for-profit and non-profit businesses.  My triplets are buskers in Asheville and have been busking since 2013 and have made a good name for themselves.  They are currently sophmores at AC Reynolds High School.  Topher plays the tuba, Meghan plays the flute and TJ plays the saxophone.  I get them where they need to be, help them set up, talk to the crowds, handle their advertising and spend a lot of time being their ‘manager’.  We are all active in promoting busking in the area.  “